6th Grade Welcome Kit

Welcome to River Bluff Middle School!

On behalf of all staff at River Bluff we want to extend a particularly special welcome to all our incoming middle school students and families. You have an exciting year ahead in sixth grade!  While we haven't yet been able to meet in person, our goal is to introduce you to River Bluff virtually so that you can feel comfortable during the transition from elementary to middle school.

What to expect this summer

  • You will be receiving at least one newsletter per month from our school, in order to help guide you through this process. Our newsletters are the best source of all that is River Bluff!
  • In addition to newsletters, this Welcome Kit online will serve as another resource in your transition.

We are planning for a great school year, no matter what it may look like.

Supporting a Great Transition to Middle School

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Questions & Answers with Student Council

All about Orientation

What is Homeroom?

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Contact Us

Main Office/Attendance: 877-5500

Mrs. Trish Gates, Principal: 877-5501

Mr. Bob Johnson, Assistant Principal: 877-5503

Ms. Karen Johnson, District Transportation Director 877-5060

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