Frequently Asked Questions

Parent and Student Q & A’s

How do Stoughton /JEDI Virtual courses (SASD/JEDI) serve the student?
Students enrolled in SASD/JEDI are attending a public school, but do so virtually. SASD/JEDI offers a Board-approved comprehensive middle and high school curriculum that is aligned to Wisconsin standards and is accessible to students online. SASD/JEDI students are guided by a Personal Education Plan. The plan is cooperatively developed by the student, the parent, and a SASD/JEDI staff representative. This planning process gives much more parental control regarding course selection, learning site, and learning pace.

What does it cost to enroll in SASD/JEDI courses?
The courses at SASD/JEDI are free to all students enrolled in the seven-district consortium (Whitewater, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Lake Mills, Marshall, Sun Prairie and Stoughton)

What types of courses are offered through SASD/JEDI?
SASD/JEDI offers a comprehensive K-12 curriculum that includes core, elective, and enrichment coursework. Visit for a complete listing of courses.

How much time does it take to complete a course?
While the pace of course completion is established by the student, students are given a maximum of five months to complete a semester course.

How will students be evaluated?
Students will be given quizzes and tests, as well as regular assignments and projects to assess their understanding of the subject matter they are learning.

How does a student get help from teachers if they are having difficulty with course(s)?
Teachers can be contacted via their email or on the phone during established office hours.

Where do students get textbooks and how much do they cost?
All materials needed for the SASD/JEDI courses will be provided by the school at no charge to the student.

Is the curriculum accredited?
SASD/JEDI offers a Board approved comprehensive middle and high school curriculum that meets Wisconsin State standards. The course content mirrors that of the courses offered in the other middle and high schools in the districts. All teachers hold appropriate teaching licenses.

What is the role of the learning coach?
A trained learning coach is provided to full-time virtual students to be a consistent guide in the SASD/JEDI student’s learning. The coach will monitor the student’s progress and keep in close contact with the student via phone, email and even in person visits, if needed.

What is it like to take an online course?
An Internet-based approach to learning uses interactive online technology and requires active participation in each course. Online courses provide a multimedia environment with engaging, high-quality content for individualized discovery through the learning process. Students engage in dynamic learning activities and student-selected learning paths.

What tools are available for students to communicate with each other?
Students enrolled in the same class communicate with each other through virtual classroom discussions using a discussion board. Student instant messaging and email is also available.

Can my child opt to receive a diploma after completing SASD/JEDI Virtual courses?
Yes, students may also sign up to attend the Stoughton graduation ceremony and walk across the stage to receive a diploma.

My child wants to participate in high school sports. Will he/she be able to participate in sports being a student in the SASD/JEDI courses?
SASD/JEDI students are eligible to participate in WIAA (Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association) sanctioned activities and have to meet the local school district criteria to participate.

What access to technology should the student have?
SASD/JEDI students are provided with a SASD issued chromebook and user account.  You will need a broadband/WIFI Internet connection.

As a parent, how can I check on my son/daughter’s progress?
All parents are given access to the student login and password so that they may go into their child’s classes and monitor the assignments that have been completed and the grades.

What kinds of safeguards are in place to keep my child safe while working on the Internet?
The main content of all of SASD/JEDI’s courses is available directly through our secure, online student classroom area. In some cases, links might be provided so that students can take advantage of other information available online. It is suggested that filtering software is used on your child’s computer and that you use parental supervision to protect your child from unwanted information on the Internet.

Our family travels quite a bit, would that be a problem for my child enrolled in the SASD/JEDI program?
SASD/JEDI is the perfect environment for a family that travels. As long as Wi-Fi is available, your child will be able to complete the lessons.

General Q & A’s

Are SASD/JEDI courses affiliated with any for-profit organizations?
SASD/JEDI is a non-profit public school funded solely by the public school districts in the JEDI Network consortium. Unlike many other virtual schools, none of the funding received for the operation of SASD/JEDI comes from or is given to a private, for-profit entity.

What is the JEDI Network?
The JEDI Network is a consortium of seven public school districts, a university and local technical college in southeastern Wisconsin. The consortium was formed in the 1995-96 to create a distance education network to offer Instructional Television classes. Since then, the Network has embraced online education and now offers an online curriculum virtually through SASD/JEDI.