4K Standards

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The SASD follows the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS) set forth by the WI: DPI

The Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards have been developed by the Wisconsin state departments of Public Instruction, Children and Families, and Health Services. They reflect shared values and commitments of the citizens of Wisconsin to prepare young children for success in school.  They are based upon research conducted into all aspects of children's early learning and development, from birth to the start of first grade. They encompass guiding principles, developmental expectations, and performance and program standards for delivery of high-quality education and care to young children.

To ensure a holistic approach to creating positive early childhood environments, they include a broad description of children's growth and include the following domains of development:

  • Health and physical 
  • Social and emotional 
  • Language  and communication (including early literacy)
  • Approaches to learning
  • Cognition (including mathematical and scientific thinking) and general knowledge

The Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards book is available electronically in English and Spanish.


Erin Conrad
4K Principal

Sara Jane Lee
4K Inclusion Support Teacher

Mindy Holverson
EC/4K Support