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Student Tech & Tech Support

Virtual Learning Tools

Request Student Tech Support


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Technology Support (this includes help with Chromebooks and hotspots)

If families need help with their district issued device and/or hotspot, a request can be made by completing an online request form HERE.  Families can also request help by calling our technology support hotline 608-877-5056 and leave a detailed message.  In both cases, someone from the technology team will follow-up with the family to provide support.

Internet hotspot requests

The district has a limited number of internet hotspots available for students that do not have internet access at home.  To make a request for a district hotspot, please click here.  Please only submit if you do not have internet at home OR only have satellite or wireless internet at home.

Student devices


Every kindergarten student has been issued a district iPad and charging cord.  Every student in grades 1-5 has been issued a district Chromebook and charging cord.  When the District transitions from remote learning to in-person learning, students must return their district issued device to their respective school.

River Bluff

Every sixth grade student has been issued a district Chromebook and charging cord.  Students that are new to River Bluff have been issued a district Chromebook and charging cord.  Students returning to River Bluff in grades 7 and 8 continue to use their district Chromebook they received last school year.

High School

Ninth grade students  should exchange their district Chromebook they received last school year for a new district Chromebook.  Students that are new to the High School have been ssued a district Chromebook and charging cord.  Student returning to the High School in grades 10-12 continue to use their district Chromebook they received last school year.

About Securly Filtering

The District uses Securly to filter student Chromebooks while students are at school and at home.  Securly provides visibility for families to their student’s online activity when they are using their district Chromebook at home.  Securly also gives families access to a parent portal where you can set additional internet filters while your student is at home.

What can I expect to see from Securly?

If you are a family returning to SASD from previous years, you will continue to receive weekly emails from Securly with information on the websites your student has accessed the previous week.  

If you are a family new to SASD, you will receive an email from Securly in the next week that will include information on how to access your parent Securly account. After your account is created, you will begin to receive a weekly email with the websites your student has accessed.

How do I sign into the parent portal?

You can access the parent portal in three different ways: the SecurlyHome app (recommended), the weekly activity report email, or the Securly website.  Linked here is an article explaining the different ways you can sign into the parent portal.

How can I get help with Securly?

You have direct access to Securly support by completing their  online request form linked here.  If you are having trouble with a timely response from Securly, please contact us so we can assist with your request.  You can contact us by completing a family tech support request form linked here.