Speak Up, Speak Out

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In partnership with Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of School Safety (OSS), SASD has launched Speak Up, Speak Out. Speak Up, Speak Out (SUSO) is a Resource Center with a threat reporting system (or tip line) available to students, families, school staff and community members. It runs 24/7 and is completely free.  

Students are always encouraged to tell a trusted adult regarding school safety concerns, but sometimes there are barriers that get in the way.  SUSO is one of many places to turn to with your concerns regarding school safety -- and it's available 24/7 from anywhere.

How it works

  1. Students, families, school staff and community members submit a school safety concern to SUSO by: 
    1. downloading the SUSO app (Android and iOS): Apple Store or Google Play
    2. visit our student portal page
    3. visiting speakup.widoj.gov and clicking “Submit a tip” or
    4. calling 1-800-MY-SUSO-1.
  2. Trained staff at the Speak Up, Speak Out Resource Center work around the clock to respond to reports and to deploy a response locally by communicating directly with our school administrators, law enforcement and counselors.
  3. Our SASD SUSO leaders and other staff members work to resolve the safety concern.

Why use a tip line?

Nationwide, more than half of public middle and high schools now operate a tip line.

Threat reporting systems - or tip lines - are recommended for use by the United States Secret Service when developing comprehensive school violence prevention plans. Tip lines are used to identify threats to schools, and other daily safety concerns students encounter, such as bullying, drug use, suicidal thoughts and more.

It’s time to break the code of silence.

Who knows more about what’s going on, in or out of school, than students themselves? Individually and collectively, they play an essential role in keeping Wisconsin schools safe. It’s crucial for students to understand that there’s a clear difference between tattling or “snitching” and disclosing concerning information to a trusted adult to keep themselves and their classmates safe.

The SUSO threat reporting system aims to empower students to share their concerns safely and confidentially without fear of retaliation. We encourage you to talk to your students about the importance of letting a trusted adult know about their safety concerns.

To learn more about the SUSO Resource Center and how to report safety concerns, visit speakup.widoj.gov.