School Visitors

School Visitor Building Check In

All of our doors will be locked during the school day. When a visitor comes to the building during the school day, he/she will enter the first set of doors into a vestibule. Once inside the vestibule, there will be a small camera and buzzer to alert the main office of your arrival. At this point, the visitor will wait for an office staff member to buzz him/her into the building office.

Once a visitor enters the office, he/she will present a state issued identification to an office staff member. If it is the visitor’s first time visiting a building, his/her ID card will be scanned into Raptor. Raptor collects the ID photo, name, date of birth, and first four digits of the license number on the identification to perform an instant sex offender background check against databases in all 50 states 

Once that person’s ID is scanned, he/she is entered into the system. An office staff member will identify whether the individual is visiting the building or volunteering in a specific area or classroom. Once this information is entered, a visitor badge will print out with the visitor’s name, picture, and destination in the building. When the visitor is leaving, he/she stops back in the main office to check out.

Future visits to that building will not require the added step of ID scanning. Raptor will use the information saved from the ID scan to perform a background check with each subsequent visit. The scanning process is very quick and will need to be done the first time visiting each building within the district. In order to help facilitate this process, the district will have Raptor stations set up at Central Registration, so you can have your initial scan completed prior to the start of the school year for any/all buildings you plan to visit.  We will be using Raptor to track both visitors and volunteers in our buildings.  If you do not have an accepted form of ID, please contact your building office.

School Visitor Board Policy