Online Safety

At the Stoughton Area School District, we teach, learn and practice online safety by reviewing Common Sense curriculum. This allows us to better prevent and mitigate the risks involved with using digital technologies, platforms and services. Once the risks are managed, the internet and related technologies can be enjoyed free from harm and to great benefit for the learning and belonging of our students, staff and families.

Grades 6-8

digital citizenship lessons at 6-8

Click the button above for a listing of the topics for our digital citizenship lessons at River Bluff. They are taught by Core teachers in a variety of classes as designated by each grade-level.

Grades 9-12

digital citizenship lessons at 9-12

2021-22 schedule

At the High School, we use the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum. There are six lessons for each grade level. The lessons are modified to fit into our 2+ (homeroom) time and into an interactive Pear Deck. Every Tuesday for six weeks, the teachers present the lesson to their students.