COVID-19 Testing Program

print the guardian consent form

Necessary only for 14-17 year olds getting tested without a guardian on site.

About COVID-19 Testing

In collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), SASD will be partnering with Fitchburg Family Pharmacy to offer COVID-19 testing in our district. We begin by prioritizing students who are showing symptoms while in school and students and staff who are required to get COVID tests after being identified as close contacts.

SASD health staff or Fitchburg Family Pharmacy staff collect the sample; Exact Sciences does the COVID-19 testing. By law, we are not allowed to collect a sample from a student without proper consent (See the table below).

We will be using PCR tests, the gold standard of COVID testing. Please review the fact sheet of the exact test here. We will primarily be diagnostic testing, which means we collect samples from those who have COVID-19 symptoms while at school and are therefore in the isolation room. Diagnostic testing is recommended by the CDC at all levels of community transmission.

Testing Times & Location

COVID testing is located indoors at the Yahara gym located on 900 W Wilson Street. Note that you must enter through door 13 near the left side of the building.  Please enter through and park near door 13 (on the left side of the building). You may also park on the street. (See it on a map here.) This will help us eliminate any disruptions to our 4K site Martin Luther.

Testing takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-4 p.m. every week when SASD schools are in session.

Students under 18 years old MUST have guardian consent (See table below) AND register for their test at

Students and staff over 18 years old must register for their testing

What consent is needed for COVID testing?


Guardian Consent Needed

Consent Needed by the person who is being tested

Registration for a test Needed

Students under 14 years old

X - Guardian must be present at testing site



Students 14-17 years old

X - Guardian must be present at testing site OR Guardian completes a guardian consent form on paper that the student must bring to the testing site.

X - Verbal consent by the student at the time of sample collection


Students and individuals 18+ years old





As a guardian, how do I give consent for the testing of my child under 18 years old?

Students under 18 years must have guardian consent to be tested. There are two ways for a guardian to consent:

  1. Guardian is present at the testing site. (For students under 14 years old, a guardian must be present at the testing site.)

  2. Guardian completes a guardian consent form on paper that the student must bring to the testing site.

How do I register myself or my child for a COVID test?

Register yourself or your child for a COVID test by filling out the registration form at If your child is under 18 years old, remember that they also need to show a form of guardian consent (See above).

The registration form will ask for:

  1. Full legal name (of person being tested)

  2. Date of birth

  3. Contact information (phone, email and address)

  4. Demographic information (gender, race and ethnicity)

  5. Symptom status

What does the COVID testing look like? How will I receive my child’s test results?

After you arrive at the testing location, Fitchburg Family Pharmacy staff will collect the sample via a nasal swab, then send it in for testing at Exact Sciences. Once the test is completed, a text will be sent to the registered phone number.

A second text message will be sent once results are ready. Test results typically take 3-7 business days. While the process cannot be rushed, everyone is working hard to have results as soon as possible. There will be two main ways to access test results.

If there is an email on file, results will be accessible via a secure link sent to that email. You will be able to view and print all test results.

You can also call the COVID Testing Results Hotline at 1-866-419-6988. Attempts to contact individuals without working emails may be made. But due to high testing volumes and other factors, these attempts may be delayed. Please feel free to be proactive and call us on the hotline for your child’s results!

What should my child do while waiting for test results?

While you wait for test results, please continue to use best health practices, like isolation at home, if you or your child are currently experiencing symptoms. Learn more at COVID-19: Healthy Kids:

With questions about COVID testing, please contact Fitchburg Family Pharmacy at (608) 274-3784.

Find more testing information at:

Thank you for helping protect the health of your child and community through COVID testing!