2023 Nominations

Open: Now!

Close: March 10, 2023

Business Honor Roll:

Businesses help Wisconsin school districts in many ways, including: donating to scholarship programs, providing mentorship opportunities to students, delivering presentations to classes or schools, volunteering in schools, etc.

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards recognizes local businesses supporting school districts each year and the Stoughton Area School District can nominate up to five businesses for recognition.  The Board would like your help in determining nominations for this statewide recognition.

Each individual is allowed to nominate up to 2 businesses each year.


Criteria for nomination:

  • Business is based in Stoughton/has a Stoughton presence.
  • Business can be of any type, including media, non-profit. 
  • Business has demonstrated support to the district over the past school year (including through funds, volunteer hours, mentorship, class presentations, scholarships, donated facilities/materials, expertise or other contributions).
  • Business is not paid for the services they provide to the district/majority of contributions being recognized for is donated.

Past Nominations