2023 Nominations are now closed. 

Thank you to everyone who nominated a business!

The Community Relations Committee is reviewing nominees and updates will be posted in early April. Thank you!

Based on the criteria for nomination, the following 12 Stoughton businesses have been nominated by community members for their demonstrated support and dedication to the district over the past school year.

1. Blue Moon Community Farm

  • "Kristen Kordet, the owner of Blue Moon, is a dedicated volunteer at Fox Prairie Elementary. She is a pivotal member of the Garden committee. Kristen donates many seedlings from her farm to the Fox garden annually, and she helps to plot the garden layout. In the spring and fall, she teaches lessons in many of the grade levels about gardening and farming, providing hands on activity that many of these kids don't get in standard classroom work. Kristen also finds time to volunteer in the classrooms, helping kids with reading and schoolwork above and beyond what she does with the garden committee. Kristen's work with the Fox Prairie students adds another dynamic layer to the science curriculum and builds a foundation for respecting our environment for the next generation. Please consider Blue Moon Community Farm as a nominee for the WASB Business Honor Roll."

2. Conant Automotive

  • "Conant Auto has generously provided financial support to the High School Band Boosters for well over a decade." 

3. Culver's of Stoughton

  • "Culver's of Stoughton has provided financial support to the High School Band Boosters for many years."

4. Eldon Homes

  • "Eldon Homes provided scholarships to Stoughton Area School District (SASD) graduating class of 2022 and has committed to doing so for years to come. Eldon Homes have also donated their financial resources and employee volunteers for numerous school activities. However, their largest and most notable donation has been to the new “Anderson Complex” at Collins Field. This new complex is named after Eldon Homes founders, Keith Anderson, and Tammy Anderson. Keith and Tammy Anderson and Eldon Homes have donated more than $1.1 million dollars for the new community field. SASD and the entire Stoughton community is incredibly grateful and excited to have Eldon Homes as a new, and incredibly important partner in the success of SASD students."

5. Kicks Unlimited - Stoughton

  • "Kicks Unlimited Stoughton supports the school district in multiple ways! We have never said no to a volunteer opportunity and in the past year we have shown up and run booths for the Kegonsa Fall Festival, Fox Prairie's Family Fun Night, Sandhill's Fall Festival, Fox Prairie Trunk or Treat, and supported the Gilly Fun Run through donations and volunteering. We have also financially supported the Fox Prairie Fun Run, and are currently hosting a Parents Night Out where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Fox Prairie Working For Kids. We are here to support the youth of Stoughton and all SASD schools."

6. Kwik Trip

  • "Great employer for SASD transition students, very flexible and accommodating to any needs they may have."

7. Level Up Fitness

  • "In addition to coaching many athletes, Level Up has an annual Gobble Wobble fundraiser that raises thousands of dollars for the Chip in for Meals fund - which directly benefits SASD students."

8. Papa Murphy's

  • "Great employer for SASD transition students, very flexible and accommodating to any needs they may have."

9. Stoughton Trailers

  • "Since 1961 Stoughton Trailers has been a generous contributor to both the community and to the Stoughton Area School District (SASD). Over the years they have donated to numerous things that support our schools. They have financially supported our nationally recognized Fab Lab, our high school library, and other needs within our k-12 system. Most recently Stoughton Trailers donated $600,000 to our Collins Field at Anderson Complex. Stoughton Trailers’ support allowed the school district to complete the community field. Now the field has updated seats for those with disabilities, new bathrooms, press box, and an artificial turf field. This field will serve our community for generations to come. SASD is incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful community partner."

10. Three Gaits Inc.

  • "Three Gaits has been a wonderful place for my transition students to gain work experiences. They are kind, very accommodating, and understanding. Everyone who works there is a team player and I am so grateful to be able to give kids good first work experiences with animals!"

11. UPS Store

  • "The owner Dave is a great guy! He often will do copies for art-related things my students create for no charge. He also provides us with simple task-based work for beginning transition students to learn early job skills."

12. Viking Day Camp

  • "Viking Day Camp provides transportation to students in grades k-5 from all three elementary schools. We are active in the school community through donations to the school's Working For Kids Groups and participated in school events like Trunk or Treat and Carnivals. Viking Day Camp is proud to be a member of this great community."


Business Honor Roll:

Businesses help Wisconsin school districts in many ways, including: donating to scholarship programs, providing mentorship opportunities to students, delivering presentations to classes or schools, volunteering in schools, etc.

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards recognizes local businesses supporting school districts each year and the Stoughton Area School District can nominate up to five businesses for recognition.  The Board would like your help in determining nominations for this statewide recognition.

Each individual is allowed to nominate up to 2 businesses each year.


Criteria for nomination:

  • Business is based in Stoughton/has a Stoughton presence.
  • Business can be of any type, including media, non-profit. 
  • Business has demonstrated support to the district over the past school year (including through funds, volunteer hours, mentorship, class presentations, scholarships, donated facilities/materials, expertise or other contributions).
  • Business is not paid for the services they provide to the district/majority of contributions being recognized for is donated.

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