Why Now?

  • Address immediate district-wide capital maintenance needs
  • Improve safety and security for students, staff, and community
  • Continue long-range facility and operational planning
  • Invest in more energy efficient building systems

Debt Payoff

In 2023, our district will pay off the remaining debt associated with previous facility referendum questions.  Paying off our debt will result in our debt tax levy dropping.  This provides a unique opportunity to pursue a referendum to address facility needs and upgrades while minimizing taxpayer impact.  

Planning Background

The Stoughton Area School District has been working since 2017 on district-wide facility planning to address critical capital maintenance and educational space needs. Our efforts have included: 

  • District-wide facilities assessment and needs analysis

  • Phased approach that responds to the community’s highest priorities

  • Commitment to gather and respond to community and staff input

    • 8 workshops

    • 350+ staff and community participants

    • Community-wide facilities survey

Our Process

SASD was deliberate and thoughtful in the facilities planning process. Our process began with an assessment of our facilities and sites.  SASD worked with the Board and committees to set the big-picture vision that will guide the facilities planning process. 

Encourage parents/community members to provide feedback, submit questions or comments on the Community Question Box

View more information on our Facilities Planning website.