Safety & Security:

Many of the District’s safety & security needs also fall under our Capital Maintenance needs.  These include projects like upgrading doors and including ADA compliance as needed and site improvements like guardrails, signage and exterior lights.  

After reviewing extensive community & staff feedback this past year, it was evident that in addition to these capital maintenance safety needs, it was a priority that the safety & security needs at the River Bluff campus be addressed.  Replacing the Community gym building by adding a gym and fitness center to the River Bluff Middle School will eliminate the need for students to travel across parking lots and driveways and improves the drop-off & pick-up flow to better separate pedestrians and vehicles.

Capital Maintenance Needs:  

The District works hard to maintain its facilities.  However, most of a school district’s year-to-year funding is spent on instruction and student services, leaving limited resources for capital maintenance projects like roof replacements or heating and cooling system repairs. 

SASD conducted a comprehensive district-wide facilities study to help identify it’s long-range capital maintenance needs. Those needs were further refined and prioritized in 2022.

In total, the District faces over $37.4 million in capital maintenance needs over the next 10 years.

Educational Environments: 

A weakening infrastructure due to a lack of regular maintenance updates can have a direct impact on a student’s learning and educators’ instruction, as well as presenting a physical hazard to the educational environment. School buildings that are in high quality condition promote academic performance, higher morale, productivity, student attendance and overall social climate.