Referendum Virtual Presentation

Join the District for informational presentations given throughout the community on the April 2nd Referendum. These sessions will cover current funding challenges, facilities vs operational referendums, the solution, the community investment, along with an overview of the ballot. 

If you cannot attend, we encourage you to watch our virtual presentation below or check out the PDF version here.

Beneficial Analysis of WI Referendums

A recent analysis by Forward Analytics shows that the reliance on referendums to fund K-12 education in Wisconsin is increasing. The report highlights the challenges faced by school districts, especially smaller ones with declining enrollment, due to revenue limits. Since 2000, funding approved through referendums for K-12 schools has exceeded state aids for special education, reaching $650 million. The report also reveals a higher approval rate for referendums since 2010, as revenue limits have failed to keep up with inflationary costs, disproportionately affecting smaller districts. Please take a look when you have a moment. 

Wisconsin School Funding