Next Steps

Where Will the Referendum Funds Go?

  • Maintain programs, services, and ongoing improvement work

  • Additional staff to support students with reading and math achievement and mental health

  • Avoid budget shortfalls

What happens if the Referendum fails?

In order to balance a $3.8 million deficit, the district would need to utilize strategies such as:

Staffing with Enrollment Shifts

SASD bases its staffing on an enrollment-driven model.  Annually, SASD uses student enrollment at the elementary and middle schools and student course selection at the high school to determine how many classes we will have. This ensures that we staff appropriately to accommodate students’ interests. 

If we have a significant budget shortfall, we will not be able to align our staffing process to current class size targets or elective options.  Significant deficits will require us to evaluate increases in class size and reduction in elective offerings prior to addressing student interests and course selection.