Facilities Updates

Spring 2024 Design Updates

Construction has officially commenced on a number of campuses, which include the Community Building, Yahara Building, and the Stoughton High School.

Next Steps include:

  • Spring 2024: Community Building & Yahara Elementary Demolitions

  • Summer 2024: River Bluff Building Addition and Sitework, High School Construction begins (including commons area and parking lot).

  • Fall 2024: District Office Renovations

  • Spring 2025: Existing Maintenance Building Demolition

  • Fall 2025: Projects Completion

Design Updates

Congratulations, SHS Student Apprentices!

Congratulations to our Stoughton High School students Julian Molnar and Nelson Kuhls, who have been selected as Youth Apprentices with Findorff Construction. This achievement provides them with practical construction experience during the high school's construction phase. In addition to the two youth apprentices, recent Stoughton High School graduate, Carsen Rowin, will join Findorff’s construction crew as a bricklayer apprentice. 

Working with Findorff professionals, they can apply their knowledge and contribute to a project that holds significant importance for our school district and community. We're proud of them and anticipate the skills they'll acquire!

Construction Expectations & Impacts

What you will see:

  • Security Fencing
  • Change in drop-off / pick-up
  • Walking patterns
  • Temporary Signage
  • Community Building demolition
  • Construction Tradespeople
  • Site activity



**Important Announcement: Police and Fire Department Trainings**

In partnership with the Stoughton Area School District, the Stoughton Police Department and Stoughton Fire Department will be conducting several trainings in the unoccupied Yahara Building from mid-January to the end of February. These trainings are essential for ensuring the readiness and preparedness of our dedicated police officers and firefighters. They will be conducting various drills and exercises to enhance their skills and response capabilities in emergencies.

These trainings will be conducted in a controlled environment, and all necessary safety measures will be taken to minimize any inconvenience to the community. The presence of emergency vehicles and personnel should not cause any alarm.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this period. The safety and security of our community is our top priority, and these trainings play a vital role in maintaining that. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Stoughton Police Department or Stoughton Fire Department.

Thank you for your support.

Stoughton Area School District

Fall 2023 Design Updates

The latest facilities update includes a revised, more detailed design and construction schedule broken out by building. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2024. This timeline is necessary to ensure that all the required permits and approvals are obtained before the project begins. Additional information regarding the scope of work at each building is outlined below. We will continue to work hard to keep our community members informed.

Project Scope (Fall 2023 Update)

High School (Estimated Construction Schedule: Summer 2024 - Fall 2025)

  • Renovate existing kitchen, cafeteria, and serving lines
  • Replace kitchen equipment 
  • Replace and upgrade mechanical equipment and digital controls 
  • Replace auto door operators and enhance access control 
  • Upgrade plumbing fixtures (emergency eyewash, drinking fountains, hose bibs)
  • Replace flooring 
  • Flooring and ceiling upgrades

Fox Prairie Elementary (Estimated Construction Schedule: Summer 2025)

  • Upgrade doors to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Upgrades to electrical systems
  • New acoustical ceilings and casework
  • Update flooring throughout building
  • Upgrades to HVAC equipment

Kegonsa Elementary (Estimated Construction Schedule: Summer 2024)

  • Replace plumbing fixtures
  • Upgrade doors to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Upgrade to more energy efficient lighting
  • Flooring and ceiling upgrades
  • HVAC upgrades

Sandhill Elementary (Estimated Construction Schedule: Summer 2025)

  • Replace asphalt
  • Replace auto door operators, and enhance access control
  • Upgrade mechanical equipment
  • Replace drinking fountains 

Yahara Building (Estimated Construction Schedule: Spring 2024 - Fall 2024)

  • Demolish Yahara building which was closed in 2009
  • Keep existing gym
  • Build new maintenance shop
  • Add solar panels to new maintenance shop

River Bluff Campus (Estimated Construction Schedule: Spring 2024 - Fall 2025)

  • Remove maintenance building
  • Add green space
  • Replace plumbing and HVAC equipment 
  • Update fire alarm system
  • Update access control and security
  • Remove community gym building
  • Construct gym addition and fitness room addition at River Bluff Middle School
  • Add green space
  • Lengthen parent drop off / pick up loop
  • Separate parent and bus traffic 
  • Relocate wrestling to existing River Bluff gym
  • Add solar panels to addition


Spring 2023 Design Update

  • Design work has continued throughout the winter of 2023 for all of our referendum-funded projects and the projects are tracking on schedule. 
  • EUA, our architectural partner, met with physical education staff and coaches at River Bluff Middle School in January and February to gather feedback on options for the new gym addition. This input has led to the refinement of the proposed addition to better support multiple student programs.
  • Students and staff at Stoughton High School also had the opportunity in recent months to provide input on the transformation of the existing high school cafeteria into a dynamic multi-purpose Commons area. 240 students completed a survey about the existing cafeteria, sharing ideas for how it could be renovated to better support all students. EUA took this input and then met with members of the Student Senate and high school staff to review initial design concepts and layouts. This work is now guiding the next stage of the design process for the High School, which is progressing on schedule.

Student Senate students were invited to provide feedback to the design team regarding Stoughton High School facility updates.

Stay tuned for more exciting project updates coming soon!

The Architectural Design Process

In the coming months, architects from EUA will develop and refine designs based on input from affected staff.  Findorff, the district’s construction manager, will perform periodic budget checks to ensure project costs remain in line with approved referendum amounts.
Visioning is the process EUA uses to ensure its designs support the district’s teaching and learning needs.  EUA recognizes that SASD staff best understand the educational needs of their students.  The Visioning process affords staff an important role in describing how the district’s facilities best support their day-to-day work with students. 

SASD administrative team and staff collaborating with EUA team members on design elements.


SASD looks forward to completing the referendum-funded projects.  However, please be patient.  The design and construction process does not happen overnight.  Many months of architectural design are necessary before work is competitively bid and construction begins.  All referendum-funded projects are expected to be completed by Fall 2025.