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What is Stopfinder?

Thr Transportation Team will use Stopfinder for all transportation communications. This application will enable the district to quickly and easily send notifications regarding adjustments to route pickup and drop off times; route delays; and annual eligibility and route information.

Primary households will receive the email invitation

It is important to note that Stopfinder allows one account holder per household. An email invitation will go to ONLY the primary household and/or email address listed in Infinite Campus. The primary account holder may then invite others to join the household. We encourage households to consider adding other parents/guardians, children getting themselves on the bus, and/or other caregivers.

All households — even those without students eligible for transportation — should download this app

It is important that ALL households — even those without students currently eligible for transportation — set up this application on their phone. Bus eligibility for your student may change over the course of their K-12 education, so it's important that you receive eligibility notifications.

Stopfinder Features

Invite your kids to join the app. This will allow them to receive real-time notifications on their smart phone if their bus is late.

Receive real-time notifications about bus delays, updates and yearly route information. Be sure to have your push notifications turned on.

Adjust the members of your household at any time. If you have a temporary caregiver, you can add them to the app for a period of time.

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