Risk Prevention

Essential to a quality education for all students is quality prevention programming. "Prevention" in this context refers to programming and services that help to reduce the incidence of risky youth behaviors, thereby increasing the likelihood of youth developing to their fullest potential. Traditionally the term "prevention" in schools has been associated with preventing alcohol and other drug abuse (often abbreviated as AODA - or ATODA to specifically include "tobacco"). Although AODA reduction is a key focus of prevention programming work, research supports using the term "prevention programming" in broader contexts relating to other risk-related topics such as bullying and harassment, depression and mental health, and overall wellness concerns.

Stoughton Area School District is committed to prevention programming that identifies and removes obstacles to health and achievement, as well as builds support for lifelong success. Such programming includes:

  • creating a positive school climate where all individuals feel respected and valued;
  • increasing access to information necessary for healthy decision-making;
  • insuring drug-and alcohol-free schools and youth activities;
  • working with the community to create and maintain an environment which supports healthy youth development.


Keli Melcher
Director of Student Services

Sarah MacFarland

Inclusion Support Teacher




Amy Ruck

Inclusion Support Teacher




Jenny Geishert

Administrative Assistant