Scheduling Procedures

Key Contacts

Amanda Dow- Students (A-G)


Ann Ash - Students (H-N)


Kristin Natzke - Students (O-Z)



*Students are expected to take a minimum course load of 6 credits per year.

Students may change their original course requests for the following reason:

  • To resolve class conflicts (e.g., two classes scheduled during the same period)

  • To meet graduation requirements

  • To remove students from classes they are not eligible to take

  • To balance class sizes

Students may not change a course for these reasons:

  • To accommodate student preferences for teachers

  • To accommodate student preference for class times

  • For social reason (e.g., to be with friends)

Adding Classes

  • Please note that students are encouraged to change their schedule prior to the start of school.

  • Counselors are available to revise schedules during registration days and other published summer days.

  • Students are not permitted to audit or take classes for no credit.

  • Students may add classes within the first four (4) school days of each semester.

Dropping Classes

  • Students who drop classes within the first four (4) days of each semester will be withdrawn without academic penalty

  • Drops after the 4 day grace period will result in an “F”.  Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


  • Exceptions and appeals to scheduling policies are made to and approved by the High School Principal.

  • Only those exceptions that are recommended by a counselor will be considered.

  • The credit load requirement may be modified if student is enrolled in a work-based learning program such as Youth Apprenticeship or Work Experience.  The modification must be recommended by a counselor and approved by the Principal.