Academic Awards

Stoughton High School presents academic awards to students based on several criteria.  First, the student needs to be on track to graduate.  Second, the student needs to be enrolled in at least five classes (i.e. a full-time student).  Third, the student cannot have more that 20% of their coursework graded as pass/fail.  After all these criteria have been met, students will earn points based on their placement on the quarter honor rolls.   Students with a quarter GPA between 3.5-3.74 are placed on the honor roll.  Students with a quarter GPA of 3.75 or better are placed on the high honor roll.  Because of when the ceremony is held, third quarter and fourth quarter of senior year are not counted towards a student’s point total.  The point system and awards given are explained below.

Point System

1st quarter; 2nd quarter; 

3rd quarter; 4th quarter honor roll

0.5 points per quarter

1st quarter; 2nd quarter; 

3rd quarter; 4th quarter high honor roll

1.0 point per quarter


Point Total


6 points

Academic letter

9 points

1st chevron

12 points

2nd chevron

13 points or higher

Academic plaque


Awards Ceremony

Academic awards are presented to students at a ceremony scheduled on the third Wednesday in April each year.  A letter will be sent to the parents of the student eligible to receive an academic letter, chevron, or plaque prior to the award date.  This is done so any discrepancy can be checked and corrected before the ceremony.  If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Schneeberger, Academic Award Coordinator, via email at: