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It is essential and now possible under county guidelines to bring more students back to school in person in the Stoughton Area School District.

We are calling this next step “Phase 3 of Reopening.”  Phase 1 of Reopening was enhanced virtual learning, Phase 2 was a hybrid learning and now Phase 3 is a return to in-person learning 5 days a week with restrictions...

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Now that we have the ability to learn virtually, we are able to make instruction accessible to students on days when inclement weather makes it unsafe for students to attend school in person.

While there is still potential for snow days (cancelled school) this school year, there is also the potential for having virtual learning days...

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Today we have two new pieces of information for you.  First, we published our District A/B Calendar which outlines which hybrid students attend school in person on any given school day.  Second, we have a brief tutorial on how to identify whether your family is in the A group or the B group by logging into Infinite Campus...

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Dr. Tim Onsager
District Administrator

Becky Egan
Assistant to the District Administrator

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Community Information and Resource Coordinator