Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades

Students in younger grades at Sandhill make great music every day! They progress through the year learning about rhythm, melody, instruments of the orchestra, and finally doing a concert during the second semester to show what they have learned. At the end of the year, all students get to participate in a piano unit where they learn the basics or continue working on what they do in private lessons outside of school.

Kindergarten Informance

In late March, our youngest musicians will get the chance to share what they have learned in Music with an "Informance." We call it that because it's not as formal as a regular concert, but more of a way to share with parents what we do in Music class every day. Kindergarteners will sing, play instruments and demonstrate their musical skills at an early-morning gathering for parents that are able to attend.

1st and 2nd Grade Concert

In March, the first and second graders will get to participate in their first (or second) real concert. We will put all 150 kids on the risers in the gym and present a full-length concert with a wide variety of thematic music. Kids will have opportunities for solos, instrument playing, and various "jobs" in the concert to promote self-confidence and pride in the work they have done throughout the year.

Madison Boychoir Festival

Open to all 2nd-5th grade boys at Sandhill, the Madison Boychoir Festival is a wonderful annual event that takes place in early February on a Saturday. Boys will participate for a full morning of rehearsal and games at Madison West High School, and present a concert at lunchtime for parents. It's a great way to involve your son in some amazing music-making!