4th Grade

4th graders are great musicians! I really enjoy seeing how they've developed and are starting to have confidence in their singing and playing. They will take a field trip in the fall to the Overture Center where they will see the Madison Symphony's Youth concert. In preparation they learn about the instruments of the orchestra and study the actual pieces that will be performed there. For many kids this is a highlight of their 4th grade year.

In the winter they will study recorders, building on the initial work they did in 3rd grade. In March they will continue working on guitars, and can advance much more quickly with their larger hands and better coordination. In the spring they will do piano again, which will be their 5th year of the unit - they really start getting good!

The 4th graders do their concert in February with the 3rd graders.  They will focus on world music and also do songs from a musical, with a bit of acting for context.  This concert happens in the gym.