Kindergarten Music

Veterans Day


This year, our school will celebrate Veterans Day in an all-school assembly on Friday, November 10, 2017 at 8:20 a.m. Our students will sing the Peace Round and the National Anthem and will observe two minutes of silence. Red, white, and blue clothing is encouraged on that day. Family members who have served or are serving our country are encouraged to attend (in uniform if possible) so we can honor your service! Click here for more information about this special day. Learn more about the Star-Spangled Banner by clicking here


Kindergarten Informances


Kindergarten performs once each year for families and friends. For our Kindergarten performances, each class of Kindergarten students has their own event on their own day, and we call it an "Informance" because instead of a formal performance, we will be sharing a hands-on music class with you where you can experience what your child does in music every day. Every year our songs have a theme. This year's theme is "Going Buggy!" Students have the option to dress up like they are an insect (antennae, bright colors, etc.) to fit the theme. This year’s Kindergarten performances are on April 24-26 at 1:20 p.m. in the Kegonsa Multi-Purpose Room. Each class will perform on one of the three dates listed. Please watch the music website this winter for when your class' specific date is assigned. Want to help your student prepare their songs? Visit the Music Files page to see printable and downloadable lyrics for our songs. Please mark your calendars so you can attend!