Music (K-12)

A quality music education provides rich aesthetic experiences for all learners to explore the human condition and to enhance cultural connections. This integral part of a student's education inspires creativity, fosters self-expression, develops skills, promotes teamwork, and nurtures a life-long enjoyment of music.

Music in Our Schools

Music at Fox Prairie

 Fox Prairie Elementary

Music at Kegonsa

Kegonsa Elementary

Music at Sandhill

Sandhill Elementary

Music at River Bluff

River Bluff Middle School

Music at Stoughton High School

Stoughton High School

SASD Music Events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jan 29
Mon, Jan 30
Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal
Tue, Jan 31
Wed, Feb 1
Thu, Feb 2
Fri, Feb 3
Sat, Feb 4
Sun, Feb 5
Mon, Feb 6
Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal
Tue, Feb 7
Wed, Feb 8
Thu, Feb 9
Fri, Feb 10
Sat, Feb 11
Sun, Feb 12
Mon, Feb 13
Tue, Feb 14
Wed, Feb 15
Thu, Feb 16
Fri, Feb 17
Sat, Feb 18
Sun, Feb 19
Mon, Feb 20
Tue, Feb 21
Wed, Feb 22
Thu, Feb 23
Fri, Feb 24
Sat, Feb 25
Sun, Feb 26
Mon, Feb 27
Tue, Feb 28
Thu, Mar 2
Fri, Mar 3
Sat, Mar 4
Subscribe to Alerts Solo and Ensemble Festival
Oregon High School, 456 N Perry Pkwy, Oregon, WI 53575, USA
Subscribe to Alerts Solo and Ensemble Festival
Oregon High
456 N Perry Pkwy, Oregon, WI 53575, United States

Calendar & Category Legend:

  • Fox Prairie Music
  • Kegonsa Music
  • River Bluff Band
  • River Bluff Music
  • River Bluff Orchestra
  • Sandhill Music
  • SHS Band
  • SHS Choir
  • SHS Orchestra
  • Stoughton High School Music