Elective Courses

NOTE: All 8th grade electives may be a year long course, valued at a 1.0 or a semester course, valued at 0.5. Please review the elective descriptions below if needed.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Courses

Art Courses

Fine Art (Year Long)

Beginning Computer Art (Year Long)

  • In this introductory course, students will learn the tools and techniques of creating art on the computer with emphasis on illustration, graphic design & digital photography, primarily using two programs: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Project themes include, but are not limited to: fg, emojis, logos, digital collages, fantasy and paintings. This is a fun and engaging class for students of all skill levels, interest and experience with both art and general computer usage.

    Learning Targets (Not available)

Yearbook and Newspaper Design (Year Long)

  • This course is an opportunity to be a part of two student-produced productions -- the River Bluff Yearbook and the River Bluff Courier. The Courier will be a monthly, student-produced newsletter about news the students think is important to middle school aged kids. Some features will include, but are not limited to, teacher interviews, sports highlights, polls and other stories the students feel their peers should know about. The skills taught and used in this class will be writing, photography and basic graphic design. We will be learning and using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop to create our publications.

    Learning Targets (Not available)

Business & Information Technology Courses

If I Ran the Company (Semester)

Your Money and You (Semester)

All Things Computer (Semester)

  • Explore, problem solve, and create!  Increase your computer knowledge with a wide variety of hands-on technology activities.  Topics include web page design, basic programming, computer assembly, Raspberry Pi mini-computers, Arduino electronics, computer security, and more.  Personalize your learning and choose your path in the world of computers.

    Learning Targets not available

Introduction to Computer Coding (Semester)

Family & Consumer Science Courses

Music Courses

Physical Education Courses

Physical Conditioning and Wellness (Year Long)

  • The Physical Conditioning & Wellness course is an additional PE class for each student. This course offers planned, sequential learning experiences, which provide and promote the beginning skills, movements, and knowledge for lifetime and sports activities. With this course the student will develop muscular and core strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, maturity, diversity, cooperation. The course encourages the student to lead an independent and active lifestyle, apply principles of nutrition and develop an understanding of the components needed to enhance their fitness.


    Learning Targets (Not available)

S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Courses

Energy and Engineering (Semester)

STEM Applications (Formerly Wood Technology) (Semester)

  • This semester, students will learn to design and build objects using CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs. Our projects will require students to problem solve, measure accurately, and think about objects three dimensionally. Example projects include laser cut functional art, designing solutions to household problems, and water bottle rockets. It will help for students to have taken at least one other STEM class over the summer or during the school year to prepare for the necessary work we will do in this class.


    Learning Targets (Not Available)

Robotics (Semester)

World Language Development Courses

Spanish 1-B (Year Long)

German 1-B (Year Long)