Library Media Services (K-12)

Library media instruction is an essential part of the education of the District's students. All curricular areas are dependent upon library media services for the support necessary to meet many outcomes in the various disciplines. In addition, the rapid change in communication technology requires quality library media programs with a variety of resources and skills, enabling students to access, evaluate, interpret, and apply information from print and non-print materials.

Our library media services focus on four target areas:

  1. Information Literacy - The ability to recognize an information need and to use critical thinking skills to gather, evaluate and effectively use the necessary information
  2. Technology Literacy - The ability of an individual, working independently and with others, to responsibly, appropriately and effectively use technology tools
  3. Creativity, Communication and Collaboration - The ability to produce original products, effectively exchange ideas and work together to share learning
  4. Connecting with Literature - The ability to engage with a variety of literature to make connections with self, the world and previous reading

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