Physical Education & Health

The Wisconsin Department of Instruction requires that all students take one and one-half (1 ½) credits of physical education. All students are also required to take Health. All ninth (9th) and tenth (10th) grade students are required to take a physical education class each year. Juniors may take a physical education course or, if they participate in a school-sponsored extracurricular sport, Norwegian Dancers or cheerleading, their participation may satisfy the last .5 PE credit. The student must also take an additional upper level math, social studies, science course, or advanced health coursework.

All students may elect to take additional physical education classes throughout high school (an additional one (1) class in the opposite semester of required class). Students may elect to repeat a course (except PE-9). Exceptions to this policy must be approved by a Counselor/PE department chair/Administrator.

Tennis shoes are required for all classes. A change of clothes is highly recommended for health and safety reasons. Lockers are provided, but students must provide their own locks. STUDENTS ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR PERSONAL ITEMS.