Driver Education

This program is taught after school and in the summer. It is no longer offered during the school day.

The CESA 2 Driver Education program is taught at Stoughton High School, but outside of the school day. It satisfies both the number of classroom hours and behind-the-wheel hours required by the State. This foundation course emphasizes the theory and practice of responsible, defensive driving. Students learn the mechanics of driving, the execution of most driving operations and gain a thorough understanding of the rules of safe driving. The class is designed to improve students’ knowledge of traffic safety and to prepare them to be safe drivers. Students also study the legal and financial obligations of automobile ownership, the care and maintenance of an automobile, accident prevention, the importance of controlling emotions while driving, and the effects of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. CESA 2 follows all Stoughton High School policies and procedures.

Students take the Wisconsin temporary license test during the classroom instruction. When the student has his/her temporary license arrangements are made for the behind-the-wheel lessons. The behind-the-wheel portion of the class is delivered at Stoughton High School and includes the DMV-required twelve (12) hours of observation and practice driving experience. Upon successful completion of behind-the-wheel and classroom instruction, the student is issued a Department of Public Instruction course completion form. This form is required for the Wisconsin Licensing Driving Skill Test.

The cost of the 2019-2020 Driver Education program is $400 and includes both classroom and behind-the-wheel. The cost of the online class is $425 and includes behind-the-wheel instruction.

The student must be 15 to take the classroom portion of this course and must be 15½ to take the Temporary License Test, which is given in class. Permits are issued after the classroom instruction begins and the test is given.

Registration and payment are to be made directly to CESA 2 and may be completed online at The registration form may also be completed in paper copy & sent with payment to: CESA 2, Box 400, Spring Green, WI 53588. (Registration forms are available in the HS Counseling Office if you do not have computer access.)

Only students who register with CESA 2 will be enrolled in this class. When completing the on-line registration, be sure to check the class session that your child would like to attend. CESA 2 must obtain parental consent in order to provide Driver Education services to your child. CESA 2 requires information about any special needs of the student, i.e. hearing impaired, ADD, juvenile diabetes, etc. We will do our best to provide appropriate accommodation.

This online, self-paced program is appropriate for students who are unable to take the classroom instruction after school or during summer school. Students may enroll in the online course at any time. Behind-the-wheel instruction is completed at the high school. More information about the online course is available at:

We are available to assist with any questions at or by calling 608-588-3727.