K-5 Temporary At-Home Learning

A Letter from Our Principals

In order to ensure that our students in quarantine continue to make academic progress, we have put together a number of resources to support your child academically during this time. We know that while we can not fully replicate your child’s in-person experience, we do think that these resources can be helpful. 

We know that every family will navigate quarantine differently. These resources are available for you to support your child. While it would be helpful to complete as many of the activities as possible, they are not required. Your child’s attendance will be administratively/medically approved. 

Per your request, we have the materials available digitally as well as in paper packets. 

Please know that upon your child’s return to school our teachers will work hard to ensure a smooth transition back into the classroom and into their core academics. 

Click below to access temporary at-home learning by month:

September Learning


Erin Conrad
Principal of Kegonsa Elementary School
(608) 877-5201

Krista Huntley-Rogers
Principal of Fox Prairie Elementary School
(608) 877-5101

Bob Johnson
Principal of Sandhill Elementary School
(608) 877-5401