Elementary Curriculum (KG-5)

Every student, every time, all the time. The Stoughton Elementary Schools believe all students can learn and through a history of commitment to excellence in education, the curriculum utilized in each school is comprehensive, aligned to state standards and helps students achieve at high levels.

Administrators and staff members have worked together to design and implement instructional programs which will meet the many and diverse needs of students from kindergarten through grade twelve.

There are three elementary schools in the Stoughton Area School District, and each is composed of dedicated and talented teachers who deliver the curriculum in innovative ways. They work with our students each day to provide challenging curriculum, support where needed and to instill a passion for learning. The curriculum in each of the elementary schools is the same.

While there are many reasons to be proud of the district's instructional program, excellence demands continuous evaluation and improvement. Therefore we conduct ongoing program evaluations of our curriculum and aligned resources. You will find the most recent curriculum documents located here on the district website. These documents identify student learning targets for each core and special area our students experience each day.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade