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The Stoughton Area School District uses the STAR assessment at grades 9-11 to help us better monitor student success in reading and mathematics.  This electronic assessment is administered three times a year in September, January and May to students in grades 9-11. We use the information from this assessment to help us design learning experiences that best meet the needs of your child. The process for sharing scores varies at each level (elementary, middle and high). In their newsletters, schools will communicate their process and timeline for sharing to families.
What is STAR?  STAR is one measure of your student’s performance and progress or growth in school. Just like how the doctor measures your child’s height and weight at your annual visits to see how they have grown, STAR does the same sort of thing, except STAR measures your student's growth over time in reading and mathematics. The scores measure your student’s performance compared to other students at the same grade in the United States. 
It is important to remember that STAR, like our other screeners, is one assessment of your student’s knowledge and skills. It is only through multiple assessments and checks for understanding that we are able to develop a clearer picture of your student’s current level of academic performance as well as their growth over time in the areas of reading and mathematics. 
Changes to the Star Assessment for Fall 2022 and Beyond: Recently, Renaissance transitioned to the Star Unified Scale Score. Please note that only the scale is changing – all other scores will remain the same. This means that if you compare your child’s scores from last year, the scores will likely be very different. The visual below may be helpful in understanding the change. You may also want to think about this using the analogy of Fahrenheit vs. Celsius (32 degrees in Fahrenheit and 0 degrees in Celsius both mean freezing, they’re just on different scales.

STAR Report Example



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