STAR Renaissance Learning

Your state, your standards


Renaissance Learning continually monitors changes in educational standards and aligns products to newly adopted and current standard sets. Our team of content and alignment experts have developed learning progressions for reading and math specific to each state’s standards. Your data now more accurately reflects student performance in relation to your state’s learning expectations for the current school year.

At Renaissance Learning, we believe that if U.S. schools are to meet the objectives of these standards, they will only be able to do so through the following three broad approaches:

Personalized Assessment - Educators need powerful and innovative assessment tools that tailor themselves to students regardless of where they are performing. These tools must efficiently provide reliable, valid, and actionable information to inform instruction. STAR computer-adaptive assessments are among the most efficient and widely used tests in the world. They include items aligned to each state’s standards and state-specific reports.

Personalized Instruction - Renaissance Learning products provide the most viable models of differentiation in education. What’s more, our state-specific Core Progress Learning Progressions take your standards to the next level by going beyond assessment to provide teachers with prerequisite skills and specific, actionable information to meet students where they are, know what the next steps are, and then be able to move them towards meeting the learning objectives of your state standards.

Personalized Practice - While students spend hours practicing sports and musical instruments, very few spend an equivalent amount of time practicing reading, math, and writing. If our nation is to continue as a world leader, this must change. For more than 25 years, Renaissance Learning has led the call for more substantial reading, math, and writing practice and is the industry leader in providing tools to monitor and manage the essential practice students need for ultimate success.