Dynamic Learning Map (DLM)

The DLM™ assessment measures the academic progress of students with the most significant cognitive disabilities in the subject areas of ELA and Mathematics at grades 3-11, Science at grades 4 and 8-11, and in Social Studies at grades 4, 8, and 10. Dynamic Learning Map (DLM) Calendar | Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  This is an online assessment delivered via the computer; however, some students may need their teacher to present the items to them.  The teacher will then enter the student’s response into the online platform. DLM test is untimed and is administered annually in the Spring. For more information, click here. Students’ scores will be shared through Infinite Campus parent portal in July, additionally,  Individual Student Reports (ISRs) will be mailed via USPS in July.

The DLM system is designed to map a student’s learning throughout the year. The system will also use items and tasks that are embedded in day-to-day instruction. Instruction for these students is based upon the Wisconsin Essential Elements and aligns with the Wisconsin Academic Standards. This gives teachers the opportunity to see what students know during the year when teachers still have time to change instruction to better support student learning. 

What is a Learning Map?
A learning map is a network of sequenced learning targets. Often, we think of learning as one skill building on another single skill. A dynamic learning map, by comparison, shows a learning landscape in which multiple skills are related to many other skills. Dynamic learning maps not only show the relationships between skills but also show multiple learning pathways. Instead of assuming that all children learn a skill in the same way, allowing for multiple pathways recognizes that there are alternate ways to learn the same skill. By using dynamic learning maps as the basis for assessments, the DLM system will give teachers a clearer view of each student's knowledge. 


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