Monday, March 1 at 6:30 p.m.


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Assessment and Accountability

The Stoughton Area School District uses a comprehensive balanced assessment system to inform decisions at the classroom, school and district levels. Our assessment system includes classroom assessments; grade level and course common assessments like Fontas & Pinnell (F&P) and the STAR Assessment; and statewide assessments, which include WAA-SwD, PALS, ACCESS for ELLs, FORWARD Exam, and ACT's Educational Planning and Assessment System (ASPIRE,ACT, Dynamic Learning Maps and Workkeys).

Each of these assessments are standards-based and provide information about our students' attainment of proficiency. Assessment plays a crucial role in how we instruct our students and help each child grow academically. Our curricula define what we expect our students to know, understand, and be able to do. Instructional practices are the ways in which we provide our students differentiated learning experiences to scaffold learning. Our balanced approach to assessment helps us gauge student attainment and informs instructional practices and curricular decisions.


Kate Ahlgren
Directory of Curriculum & Instruction

John Crawford
Data & Assessment Specialist

Amanda O'Brien
Infinite Campus Specialist

Lauren Woodring
Administrative Assistant - Teaching and Learning