Curriculum & Instruction

The Curriculum & Instruction Department is committed to helping schools meet the needs of each and every student in our district.

Through rigorous and relevant curriculum to the facilitation of engaging learning scenarios in all of our classrooms, the Teaching and Learning Staff work collaboratively with teachers, administrators, students, board members, and parents to ensure success and growth for all.

View the 2022-2023 Academic Standards for our district.

Assessment & Accountability:

Learn more about how the Stoughton Area School District uses a comprehensive balanced assessment system to inform decisions at the classroom, school, and district levels. 

FastBridge Assessment

STAR Renaissance Learning

Wisconsin Forward Exam

Dynamic Learning Map (DLM)

PreACT Secure/ACT High School Assessment


Curriculum & Courses:

Every student, every time, all the time. The Stoughton Area School District utilizes curriculum that is comprehensive, aligned to state standards and helps students achieve at high levels.  Learn more.

Elementary Curriculum (KG-5)

Middle School Curriculum (Grades 6-8)

High School Curriculum (Grades 9-12)

Human Growth & Development (K-12)

Library Media Services (K-12)

Music (K-12)

Wisconsin Student Assessment System - District and School Report Cards

As you may know, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is required by state statute (Wis. Stat. 115.385) to generate a school report card and district report card for every publicly funded school and district in the state. The report cards are intended to help schools and districts use performance data to celebrate successes and improve their efforts to prepare students for their futures. The school report card is one resource we use to reflect on our strengths and areas for improvement.

At the foundation of the report cards are four priority areas. Schools and districts receive a score for each priority area:

  • Achievement - proficiency in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics on the annual state assessments
  • Growth - year-to-year progress in ELA and math achievement
  • Target Group Outcomes - outcomes for students with the lowest test scores: the Target Group.
  • On-Track to Graduation - reliable predictors of how successfully students are progressing toward completing their K-12 education. 

Each school or district receives one of five rating categories ranging from “Fails to Meet Expectations” to “Significantly Exceeds Expectations.”  For the ‘22-’23 school year, our district Meets Expectations. We are working towards continuous improvement and to exceed the expectations the state has set forth, and to exceed the Stoughton community’s expectations as well. One additional note is that the district and school report cards are primarily based on last year’s performance during the 2022-23 school year, yet multiple years of data impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are used throughout the report card. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DPI encourages caution when interpreting scores and ratings on the 2022-23 report cards.   

We are sharing our results with you because they help illuminate some of our successes and help pinpoint areas of focus in our school and district. However, as DPI emphasizes, these report cards are just one source of information about our school. To address questions and concerns about district and school report cards or any aspect of curriculum and instruction, please contact Kate Ahlgren, Director of Instruction at Our report cards for the 2022-2023 school year are shared below.

District Report Card
High School Report Card
River Bluff Middle School
Fox Prairie Elementary School
Kegonsa Elementary School
Sandhill Elementary School

Understanding School & District Performance on State Assessments

The Stoughton Area School District wishes to provide information and assistance to families who may wish to learn more about district and school performance on state assessments. Please see the links below for various resources that may support our families in understanding all aspects of our performance. Additionally, please feel free to contact Kate Ahlgren, District Assessment Coordinator ( or 608-877-5031).

Stoughton Area School District WISEdash Public Portal Link

WISEdash Public Portal Quick Links

Advanced Learning (Talented and Gifted Program):

The mission of the Stoughton Area School District is to ensure educational opportunities which challenge all students to achieve excellence, maximize their talents and abilities, prepare them to face the demands of the future, and be literate contributing members of society.  Learn more.


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