Long-Range Facilities Planning

We want our students to thrive in the best learning environment possible. That’s why we continue to seek new opportunities to support education through facilities planning.


SASD works hard to maintain our facilities and be fiscally responsible.  At the same time, most of a school district’s year-to-year funding is spent on classroom instruction, leaving limited resources for large capital maintenance.

Many of our buildings lack flexible, adaptable spaces for students to collaborate, socialize and learn from one another. Small Group Instructional rooms, collaboration areas, learning commons and other more modern school environments help facilitate active, project-based, student-centered learning.

The District’s last facilities project was over a decade ago in 2010, when residents approved $7.25 million for district-wide renovations.  The district will pay off all remaining debt in 2023.  As an alternative to eliminating its debt levy, the district may want to consider new debt to address existing facility needs. 

Most recently on May 17, 2021, we presented four scenarios for the potential renovation of district facilities to the Board of Education.  Learn about the scenarios and our facilities needs by watching the video below. Next steps in the facilities planning process include educating and engaging with our community.

This site includes information about the ongoing facilities planning and improvement process.  If you have any questions or comments, leave us your feedback in the Community Question Box.

SASD Facilities Planning Update: Mini-Webinar, May 2021


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