Fuel Up to Play 60

Fuel up to Play 60 (FUTP60) is an in school nutrition and physical activity program designed to encourage kids to have a healthy diet and participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Kegonsa school has been a part of FUTP60 since the 2016-2017 school year. Being a part of FUTP60 has helped transform our school into a healthier environment, and helped usher our new school wide wellness policy. Sponsored by the National Dairy council and the NFL, students have the unique ability to improve their own health, improve their school and get a chance at some awesome experiences such as Packer tickets and much more. Because FUTP60 at Kegonsa is still in it’s infancy it is offered to students in grades 3-5, and students in grades 4-5 are eligible to be a part of our FUTP60 Leadership team. This team is responsible for coming up with ideas to make our school a healthier place. Some of the programs started by our Leadership team last year was the Take a Fruit Leave a Fruit program, which allows kids to donate uneaten peeled fruit to a community snack basket.

Our leadership team also launched our smoothie making events during conferences, which continued this year to our Open House event. Our leadership team was also responsible for launching our Fruit and Veggie tracking intake in all classrooms grades 3-5. Once each classroom hit their goal they were rewarded with a smoothie party. The biggest accomplishment is the $4000 total grant money that was earned through their efforts mentioned above to improve recess and our cafeteria.

FUTP60 This Year:

We look to continue the success we had last year, as we move into the current 209-2020 school year. We again are encouraging all students grades 3-5 to participate in FUTP60. Our leadership team is going to focus on enhancing our breakfast experience through the use of our new equipment purchased from our previous year's grant. They are also going to work on improving and innovating what recess looks, sounds and feels like at Kegonsa. Lastly, our leadership team is going to tackle learning more about local dairy farms and where our milk comes from.