Positive School Culture

At Kegonsa we believe a positive school culture matters. It matters a lot. We work hard as staff, students and community to foster a learning environment that is inviting and welcoming for all. Read a little more about what we are working on here!

Student of the Month is an award given by classroom teachers who recognize students for being leaders in their classroom. Students each lunch with the Principal in the multipurpose room and have fun playing games together.


Birthday Celebrations are a big deal for a lot of students (and adults too!) We celebrate our students in many different ways. One of our favorites is a wall where students write nice things about a student and when they turn around they get to see all the wonderful things their peers and teachers think about them.

Reaching out to our community is also really important to us. Here is a pile of letters that students sent our friends at Kicks Unlimited who came in to teach us about respect and karate.

Staff are also celebrated at Kegonsa. One way that we honor our staff is through electronic shout outs. Another way is by recognizing them as our Star Includer of the week. Kegonsa “Marigold” award is giving monthly a staff member who truly embodies Kegonsa's asset-based mission to serve, to teach, and to love all students. This person works to encourage, support and nurture fellow staff members and help them “grow” to be the best they can be. 

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