Zones of Regulation

In combination with both Second Step programs, Zones of Regulation is another tier 1 social/emotional curriculum that is taught school-wide at Kegonsa. Kegonsa is rare in regards to how we use this curriculum. “Zones” is typically used in a group or individual counseling format (which we still use at Kegonsa), however we at Kegonsa use it an all school level. The main focus of Zones of Regulation is to teach children self-regulation, emotion management and appropriate strategies or tools to help them calm down when in an escalated state. The wonderful thing about “Zones” is how kid friendly it is.

“Zones” categorizes our emotions into four colors: red, yellow, blue and green. Blue is low energy which may include sadness, tired or sick, Green is in control which is ready to learn or focused, Yellow is slightly out of control which may include silly, confused or frustrated and Red is not able to control one’s self this may include anger, rage or elation. Rather than having students struggle with finding the right words for how they feel, they are able to relay to an adult what color they’re feeling. This allows for a more in-depth conversation to happen. Within the “Zones” curriculum we also have students think about what “triggers” between their own personal zones, along with teaching them strategies to get back to the green zone. The school counselor will do refresh lessons each year with classroom teachers, and other Kegonsa staff touching on tenants of “Zones” as situations arise. Classroom teachers also incorporate “Zones” into classroom lessons via art activities and literature. We also have our four “Zones” posters posted in each classroom and throughout our school, check it out here