PBIS - Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

PBIS stands for “Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports”, which essentially encompasses all of the ways we are teaching and recognizing Positive behaviors in all of our students at Kegonsa. Kegonsa’s PBIS system is focused around three core expectations known as the 3 B’s, Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. PBIS is not a curriculum that is taught, however it is a framework or mindset that drives our collective practice as professionals at Kegonsa. PBIS is broken into a 3 tier system. Tier 1 is where each child receives the program or intervention. Some of the tier 1 programs we use to help teach our PBIS framework are “Zones of Regulations” and “Second Step”. Tiers 2 and 3 are used for identified students (typically 5%-20%) who may need more specific support, this may be done by using SAIG groups, individual counseling, CICO or a behavior plan. By using our PBIS framework, our staff is proactive in recognizing students positive behaviors in all parts of their school day. This differs from the past ideas of being reactive by using punishment to teach after students make a unexpected or unacceptable behavior. By giving positive praise and recognizing acceptable behaviors students will increase the positive behaviors that initially provided the recognition.

During the first few weeks of school ALL students k-5 are taught the school wide expectations. This teaching is done by the school counselor and continuously reinforced by classroom teachers, educational assistants, encore teachers and all other Kegonsa staff. Classroom and Encore teachers then develop their own classroom behavior matrix which is based off of our school-wide matrix to help students learn proper behavior expectations for all classroom routines. All Kegonsa staff and students participate in a school wide PBIS kickoff, where each class goes to the different areas in Kegonsa to learn about proper expectations. This areas include classroomscafeteriahallwaysbathroomsplayground and buses. Please have a look here at our school wide behavior matrix

Another exciting feature of our PBIS framework moving forward this year is our school-wide theme. Our theme for the year is Kindness. Kegonsa we will be incorporating ideas encompassing Kindness throughout the year via literacy along with classroom and school-wide events. Kegonsa staff will also be looking to recognize students who go above and beyond with their own Kindness during the school year. It is our hope that our students embrace this theme and push their own limits to become the best students and people they can be.