Physical Education

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity- John F Kennedy


Kegonsa Elementary recognizes the importance of teaching students to live a healthy and active lifestyle. It is because of this that Kegonsa aims to offer students with a quality physical education program where students are exposed to a variety of physical activities. Our Phy-Ed program encourages students to find value in physical activity for the health benefits, enjoyment, confidence, and friendships they can bring to one’s life. Keep reading to discover the wide array of sports and activities that are offered to students at Kegonsa!

Cooperative Games

A variety of cooperative games are taught to all students at Kegonsa. Some of the favorite cooperative games include the big parachute, relay races, and “Toxic River.” When cooperative games are taught, our objective is for students to demonstrate excellent teamwork by supporting one another, communicating in a positive manner, and respecting the ideas of all group members.


The volleyball unit teaches the basic rules/scoring of the game, as well as the fundamental skills of volleyball (e.g. ready position, bump pass, set, underhand serve, and spiking). There is also emphasis placed on teamwork and positive sportsmanship. Through modifications of the equipment being used (e.g. balloons, beach balls, trainer balls) and the rules of the game, all students are able to find success throughout this unit.

Flag Football

Flag football is offered to our students in grades 3-5. This unit teaches students the critical elements of throwing, catching, flag pulling, and punting. Students are also taught how to run simple plays and routes. Once the basic football skills are practiced, students engage in small-sided flag football games where positive sportsmanship is always emphasized.

Floor Hockey

During this short unit, students are provided with the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of stick-handling skills. Students also engage in a various drills which allow them to practice shooting at a goal and passing to teammates. Sportsmanship and safety are stressed throughout the unit.


Our students are very fortunate to be able to participate in a gymnastics unit at Kegonsa. Skills that are taught in this unit include: rope climbing; climbing a cargo net; balance beams; vaulting box; parallel bars; uneven bars; monkey bars; and stunts/tumbling.


K-5 students are given the opportunity to rollerblade at Kegonsa. Students are taught the critical elements of rollerblading during this unit. Students practice skating under control and at a pace that they can stop within 3 seconds while using their break. In addition, students are taught to change directions and skate at different levels/heights. Various dice games and the limbo are played to help further engage students while learning this fun lifetime activity.


Students are taught the critical elements of dribbling, passing, and shooting during the basketball unit. As students enter 3rd grade and above, there is more of an emphasis on defensive and offensive strategies in game play. Positive sportsmanship continues to be a focus during this unit.


Fitness is touched upon throughout all of our units of study, but is taught more extensively during this particular unit. During the fitness unit, students learn about the 5 components of fitness (e.g. cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition). Students also learn about their target heart rate and what happens to their bodies as a result of exercise. To make this unit even more meaningful for our students, this year we will be introducing pedometers so that students can see how many steps they can get while doing our various fitness activities!


In the Spring, Kegonsa Phy-Ed dusts off our bases, bats, balls, and gloves to play baseball/softball. Our main focus is to teach the skills of throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, and running bases. We then put all of these skills together and play games. Additionally, during this unit we spend some time playing a recess classic, kickball!


During Kegonsa’s soccer unit, students practice their kicking, passing, dribbling, and shooting skills. Also introduced at this time are basic defensive and offensive strategies and tactics to 3-5 students while playing small sided games.


Bicycling is a wonderful lifelong activity that brings such great health benefits. This unit is offered at Kegonsa to students in 3rd and 4th grade. Bike safety is the main emphasis during this unit of study. At the end of this unit, students are given the opportunity to go off campus with their Phy-Ed Teacher to demonstrate their ability to follow the bike safety rules taught in class.

Overhand Throwing

K-2 students spend a great deal of time learning and practicing the critical elements of the overhand throw. Students begin this unit practicing the overhand throw against the wall and then progress to playing catch with a partner. This skill is then applied to various group games.

Rhythms/ Dance

Dance is another lifelong physical activity that has the potential to bring many health benefits to one’s life. At Kegonsa, students engage in square dancing, popular line dances, folk dances, and more. Some of Kegonsa’s favorites include the Chicken Dance, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, and the Scattered Square Dance.

Playground Games

In the beginning of the year, students are taught the rules of many popular playground games that they can participate in at recess. These games include Kickball, 4 Square, Tetherball, Hop-Scotch, long jump-rope activities, and multiple tag games. Our hope is that by re-visiting the rules of these games and emphasizing positive sportsmanship, students will be able to participate in these games at recess successfully.