Gilly (Our School Mascot)

Greetings and salutations!!

My name is Gilly and I am the school mascot here at Kegonsa Elementary School. I love my job - teaching kids to be respectful, responsible and safe! I also love to give high fives and be part of school assemblies.

Being a mascot is my lifelong dream! After growing up in Lake Kegonsa, dodging Muskies and Northern Pike, I trained at the Mascot School for Fish in a secret location off the coast of Lake Superior.

I consider my family to be the students and staff of Kegonsa. You should know though, that I come from a long line of performers. My older brother Billy is also in the mascot industry and dreams of working for a minor league baseball team. My dad tried out for the movie “The Sandlot” but they were looking for a dog, not a fish. He is still looking for his big break in Hollywood. My second Cousin Ole is a the most famous in my family - he is the Mascot for King Oscar Sardines!

I love extreme water ballet and carnivals. I also enjoy swimming and playing tricks and practical jokes on fisherman. If I wasn’t a mascot I would probably be a fishing guide on Lake Kegonsa or a professional eater. I love to eat!

My favorite part of Kegonsa is the high fives I give! I hold the all-time high five record in a school day - 1400! I have submitted this for a world record and am waiting to hear back!

If you see me in the hall, please give me a big wave or a high five but please, don’t pull on my tail or grab my head - I am sensitive!



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