Daily Student Life

Arrival and Dismissal

Students may arrive at school with outside supervision at 7:35 am.  Student are not allowed into the building until 7:35 am.  School starts at 7:45 am and ends at 3:00 pm.

Students who arrive after the  7:45 am bell must check in at the office.  Students who leave prior to 3:00 pm must check out at the office.   If you need to pick your student up early from school, please report to the office and your child will come to meet you.


Assemblies are an important part of education.  Students must behave appropriately to participate in these activities.  

Bikes, Skateboards and In-Line skates

Students are permitted to ride bikes to school at all ages before and after school.  The following rules help create a safe environment before and after school.  Students must:

  • Lock bikes to bike racks only and store skateboard and/or in line skates in lockers or jacket storage areas.

  • Not ride bikes or use skateboards and/or in-line skates on school property.

  • Yield to pedestrians at all times. 

NOTE: Wearing bike helmets is strongly encouraged.  Scholarships are available for students in need.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards will be used for posting information about school and/or activities. pertaining to school affairs or as designated by a principal/activity advisor.  All announcements or posters must be pre-approved by administration.  

Counseling Services

The Elementary student services team (counselors, psychologist, social worker, law enforcement officer or other agencies) addresses the academic, career, personal/social, and mental and health needs and development of all students. The school counselors, school social worker, and school psychologist work collaboratively with teachers, administrators, families, and community partners to provide comprehensive, coordinated, integrated, and customized supports.  Services provided include:  assessment, screening, and evaluation; individual and small group counseling; classroom instruction; collaboration and partnerships with community-based systems; and services for staff.  In addition, students and families have access to additional services in collaboration with the school counselor, social worker, or psychologist.  These services include Building Bridges, Positive Insights (community based mental health provider) and Oregon Mental Health Services (community based mental health provider) through a referral process.   If you want to learn more about these outside services please contact your school counselor or psychologist .  

District Issued Devices 

District devices may be available for students to take home in specific cases.  Upon their return, students are responsible for returning all the equipment in working condition.  If the equipment fails to work properly while it is in the student’s possession, please contact your school's library.  Do not attempt to fix the device on your own or take it to an outside vendor for any type of repairs or maintenance.

If the equipment is not returned to the district, students will be responsible for the replacement cost.

Chromebook - $200

Chromebook charger - $35

iPad - $299

iPad charger - $38

Hotspot - $100

Hotspot charger - $15

ENCORE Schedule

ENCORE is our Music, Physical Education, Library, and Art courses. Elementary students rotate the courses daily using this ABCD schedule

Field Trips

Field trips will be taken several times during the year.  Before field trips are taken, parents will be notified of the trip details and will need to submit a good permission form for the trip .  Anyone interested in chaperoning a field trip must be approved.  Please click here for details on becoming an approved chaperone.  Siblings may not attend trips.

Grade Reports and Conferences 

Report cards for students in elementary school will be sent home two times per year and in student backpacks..   Parent‑teacher conferences are held twice each year so parents may speak with teachers.   You may also request a conference at any time of year if needed.  

Items not to be brought to school

Toys should not be brought to school.  If they are they must remain in backpacks. 

Personal Electronics must remain in backpacks and are not allowed on field trips taken during the day.  Personal Electronics found on students will be confiscated and put in the office until the end of the school day.  

Meal Program Procedures

Breakfast and lunch is available to all student every school day.  Our elementary schools are “nut aware” and all school lunches are prepared to meet the needs of students/staff with nut allergies.    Visitors are welcome to eat with their students and may purchase additional student/adult meals on their students meal account..  Visitors must  report directly to the office to sign in.  

Brown Bag Lunches are available on early release days for students K-8.  Students may request a brown bag lunch the morning of an early release day.


Students will have 40 minutes of recess in the morning and mid day each day.  To ensure outdoor clothing does not get mixed up or lost please put your child’s name on each piece of outdoor clothing.  If your child loses a piece of outdoor clothing they may check the lost and found.  In addition, make sure your child has an extra set of clothing in case clothes get wet outside.  


  • 60 degrees or warmer - No jacket required

  • 35-59 degrees - Wear a jacket or, at least, a long-sleeve shirt

  • 35 and colder - Wear a winter jacket, hat, gloves & legs must be covered (no shorts)

If the temperature or wind chill is below -5°, recess will be held indoors.  Recently,  the National Weather Service adopted a new and more accurate method of measuring wind chill.  This change led to a small adjustment in the recommendation as to when it is safe for a properly dressed person to be outside; from -20° to -17°.  Those recommendations come from the American Red Cross and the National Weather Service. Please see “weather” in the district section of this handbook for specifics on protocol for closing school. 

If you are financially unable to provide for winter clothing items for your child(ren), please contact your school office or Family Resource Specialist/Social Worker.