To provide robust educational opportunities in STEAM-related topics for ALL, inside and outside the classroom.

STEAM is for all students.

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Supporting Our Youngest Explorers


for our younger learners include:

  • Exploring in our outdoor classrooms
  • Understanding and building robotics
  • Engaging in regular classroom STEAM challenges

Engaging Our Middle Level Learners


for our middle school students have included:

  • Build to Invent
  • Video Game Design and Digital Storytelling
  • Civil Engineering Projects;
  • Engineering Structure
  • Technology for 2D and 3D Engineering and Visual Design 
  • Robotics

Guiding Our High School Makers

Our high schoolers are encouraged to continue their STEAM journey at Stoughton High School through classes and extracurriculars.  Our beloved FabLab Stoughton is where much of the magic happens.

How can STEM-related fields help the world?

  • Improving sanitation and access to clean water
  • Balancing our footprint
  • Improving agricultural practices to help feed the hungry
  • Fighting global climate change
  • Caring for a large aging population

STEM occupations out-earn non-STEM fields by 12-30% across all education levels.

Via the Smithsonian Science Education Center

Our Fab Lab

Launched in 2013, the first Fab Lab in Wisconsin and the second Fab Lab in a high school.

A Fab Lab is a digital makers space with an abundance of equipment to fabricate almost anything. It's a place to play, create, learn, mentor, and invent.

Students and community members alike foster elements of play, curiosity, independence, collaboration, career and skill building, critical thinking, problem solving and perseverance in a Fab Lab.

Our Fab Lab is used in high school classes, middle level summer school, and also open to the community for free workshops and student-led tours.

For FabLab community and general public opportunities, please visit the FabLab website:

fab lab website

Guitar Girl

The Stoughton Fab Lab started the "Guitar Girl" workshop in 2016 after the SHS band director made a guitar at the Fab Lab in Fox Valley Technical College. This is the second workshop where six girls (and one guy) made guitars after four girls walked out happy and proud in 2016.

Helping Hand

Now-alum Ian Bormett used a 3D printer to make a prosthetic arm for fellow Stoughton student Jonah.

"You can do anything. And you're not alone."


Available Courses

  • iSTEM
  • Introduction to Fab Lab
  • Make Something Big
  • Advanced Fab Lab


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