Tuition Waivers

Moves and Tuition Waivers

If a pupil moves from one school district to another school district, the pupil’s resident school district changes as a result. In most cases, the pupil enrolls and attends school in the new resident school district. However, often the pupil wishes continue to attend the former school district. The pupil may do so under either a “tuition waiver due to a move” or public school open enrollment or both.

For example, for a child who moves from District A to District B in October, a tuition waiver guarantees that the child may continue to attend District A for the remainder of that school year. However, the child may only continue to attend District A in future years if the pupil applies and is approved for open enrollment in District A.

In some cases, the pupil may move from District A to District B and wants to attend school in District C. In this case, the pupil is not eligible for a tuition waiver and must apply for open enrollment. The pupil may either apply during the annual February-April application period in anticipation of the move or may apply at the time of the move using the alternative application procedure.

PI 9419-A - Request for Tuition Waiver due to a Move, 2020-21 School Year

Bulletin 14-01 - Information for Home Buyers, Renters and Realtors

Senior Rule

If a pupil has attained senior status while a resident of a school district, the pupil may complete the senior year in that school district, even if the pupil is no longer a resident of that district.

Each school board determines whether a pupil has attained senior status. Where there is no policy, many school boards consider the pupil to have attained senior status upon completion of the junior year.

Once a pupil has attained senior status, the pupil may continue to attend the school district until the pupil graduates or until the end of the school term in which the pupil turns 21.

For Assistance

Please contact the Stoughton Area School District Open Enrollment Coordinator for assistance with Tuition Waiver(s):

Emily Gorges at (608)877-5002 or

For more information contact:

Public School Open Enrollment Program
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
P.O. Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841

Toll-free: 1-888-245-2732


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Emily Gorges
Executive Assistant to the District Administrator; Open Enrollment Coordinator
(608) 877-5002