Stoughton Community Group Outdoor Facility Use

The Stoughton School District is committed to supporting local community and youth groups by sharing the use of it's outdoor facility space.  Please review the requirements below that must be completed prior to reserving space.  

Your organization will be asked to agree to the items listed below.  These items will appear in the Facility Use Agreement that you will complete.  To complete this agreement please click here.

Annual Information

  • Attend the Annual Facility Use Meeting
  • Provide a certificate of insurance, listing the Stoughton Area School District as an additional insurance with liability coverage of $1,000,000 for your organization
  • Pay an annual security deposit of $250.00
  • Provide one contact for your organization that will be the liaison to the District if needed
  • Reserve all practice and game times in the District facility reservation software
  • Display the rental agreement each time the facility is used

Facility Space Condition

  • Complete a Facility Assessment form prior to the start of the season to indicate any facility/equipment concerns you see prior to the start of the season
  • Adhere to policy 1101.12 and 1101.13, Community Use
  • Ensure that under no circumstances will anyone from your organization use any lawn equipment, make any physical changes to or use chemicals of any kind on any school district property
  • Notify the high school athletic office of any facility or equipment damage within two business days (not on the weekend) and work with the district to address and pay for repairs
  • Drag fields prior to the start of and at the completion of each game per the field maintenance plan posted inside the dugouts **Note** this is for softball and baseball fields only
  • Pick up any debris left onsite at the completion of each event and place it int he trash receptacle (The district will empty the receptacle)


  • Provide adequate adult supervision as the school district will not be responsible for supervision of any events hosted by your organization
  • Ensure there is absolutely no alcohol or tobacso use on school grounds
  • Ensure City Ordinance Chapter 6, Section 6-10 "Animals prohibited on school property" is enforced