2020-2021 Equity Resources

Community Events

  • Three-Part Community Viewing & Discussion of "13th" in February/March 2021
  • Race in Our Community: A Community Conversation in September 2020


Dane County Equity Consortium

Small Fire

  • Small Fire is a group of dedicated restorative justice practitioners offering a vision for just, equitable and effective work environments and communities.  SASD works with Small Fire to do just that.

Professional Development for Staff

2020-2021: Foundational knowledge

  • Focus: Knowledge of accurate history, Understanding of the history of and adaptation of systemic racism over time 
  • District-wide staff participated in viewing the "13th" Documentary

As to 20-21 we will be having a 2 day training in July for our Equity Team leaders with the following outcomes: 

  1. Deepen connection as a professional learning community of equity leaders
  2. Increase capacity as Circle-keepers and equity leaders (attention to virtual context) in preparation for our first equity-focused professional learning experience of 2020-21 to take place the week of August 24
    1. Virtual Circles
    2. Learning objectives over the 6-7 all staff Circles / sessions throughout the year (90 minutes)
    3. Focus of equity team PLCs through year with the focused on preparing for upcoming equity-focused professional learning for all staff and Circle as a transformational process / art of Circle-keeping.
  3. Deepen understanding of the learning encompassed within 2020-21 equity-focused professional learning goals and objectives
  4. Setting and monitoring meaningful goals to advance equity