Health & Safety

School Requirements

The School Requirements provided by Public Health Madison & Dane County are still in effect, and we will meet these requirements:

  • Establishing expectations that employees and students who have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 do not come or remain at school.
  • Establishing hand-washing expectations and ensuring supplies are available to employees and students.
  • Ensuring students ages five (5) and older, and employees, wear face coverings when indoors and on buses.
  • Ensuring students and employees with face coverings are at least six (6) feet from others to the greatest extent possible when indoors and on buses. 
  • Ensuring that student and employee groupings are as static as possible
  • Executing our action plan when there is a COVID-19 case at school
  • Training all staff on the above policies of PHMDC’s order
  • For a full explanation of Public Health Madison & Dane County’s K-12 School Requirements During COVID-19, click here.

Primary Mitigation Strategies to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Maintaining physical environment

  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Hallway traffic flow
  • Lunch, recess and bus rules
  • Stocking PPE
  • Isolation rooms

Promoting individual and community responsibility

  • Mask wearing
  • Social distancing
  • Hand washing
  • Self-screening
  • Communicating with families and students

Collaborating with Health Services team

  • Contact tracing support
  • Symptom monitoring
  • Attendance tracking
  • Following our action plan

Equipping our staff

  • Staff have received video training on SafeSchools and written materials on our COVID-19 Staff Site.
  • Staff will be provided additional training and review before in-person start date.
  • Staff have also been provided PPE.

COVID-19 Quick Sheets

Our COVID-19 Quick Sheets detail our expectations of all students and staff who enter district buildings or transportation.  They make it clear that anyone entering district buildings or transportation is responsible for self-screening for the "Three Criteria."  The Three Criteria are: testing positive for COVID-19, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or having had close contact with an individual with COVID-19.

First page of the PDF file: COVID-19QuickSheet-SASD1
First page of the PDF file: Self-ScreenQuickSheet-SASD1112

Reporting: Positive COVID-19 Tests, Symptoms or Close Contact

Staff Member

If a staff member meets any of the Three Criteria (tests positive for COVID-19, is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has had close contact with an individual with COVID-19), they should notify their supervisor, fill out the Staff COVID-19 Exposure Form, and wait for next steps.

The Staff COVID-19 Exposure Form is located on the COVID-19 Resources for Staff Page.


If a student meets any of the Three Criteria (tests positive for COVID-19, is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has had close contact with an individual with COVID-19), the parent or guardian must keep the child at home, call the school's attendance line, fill out the Student COVID-19 Form below, and call your child's health care provider.

student covid-19 form

Action Plan

  • Principal/supervisor, District Nurse, and HR (if employee) notified
  • Get the person either out of the building and/or into the identified isolation area immediately
  • If case is positive, contact tracing begins:
    • District Nurse notifies Public Health for both student and employee
    • HR notifies worker’s compensation carrier if it’s an employee
  • District Nurse notifies Buildings & Grounds to begin cleaning and disinfection process
  • If case is positive, close contacts are notified via email as soon as possible

You can read our Action Plan here in greater detail.