School Reopening Plan

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Our Reopening Plan: An Overview

On July 20, the Board of Education approved our back to school plan: a phased-in approach starting with virtual learning.

What is a phased-in approach? A phased-in approach means we transition our students back into school buildings in phases.  We began the year with virtual learning, and as our community becomes safer and we meet transition criteria, we plan to transition more students into our buildings.  A phased-in approach means we simultaneously value safety and getting our students and staff back to school.  It allows us to be flexible as the environment gets better or worsens.

This graphic depicts SASD's plan to move from Phase I: Enhanced virtual learning, to phase II: hybrid learning to phase III:

Our phased-in approach means that the district does not support a drastic change for our staff and families, such as going from full virtual learning in K-12 to a full hybrid model.  Instead, a phased-in approach looks more like:

  • Starting our 4K students in person or virtually (family choice) (Began on Tuesday, September 1)
  • Starting our grades K-2 students in person or virtually (family choice) (Began on Monday, November 16. Find more information on our Grades K-2 Reopening.)
  • Moving to adding our grades 3-5 (No dates yet)
  • Then bringing in grades 6-12 in cohorts (groups) to lessen the amount of students in our buildings. (No dates yet)

FAQs about School Reopening