SASD begins comprehensive facilities study
Posted 05/08/2018 08:41AM

A comprehensive study of facilities in the Stoughton Area School District is now underway.


The study will help the District detail the condition of existing infrastructure, identify any upcoming maintenance needs and explore how it can maximize its learning spaces.


“It has been more than a decade since our District last undertook such a study,” District Administrator Tim Onsager said. “In light of our declining enrollment and the changing needs of our students, it is more than prudent to take a comprehensive look at our facilities, including how we use them now and how we can use them in the future.”


The study encompasses all five schools in the District as well as additional facilities such as the former Yahara Elementary School, the historic 1892 Building, the Administration Building and bus garage. The Stoughton Area School District has enlisted the firm of Eppstein Uhen Architects to conduct the study.


The work will look at how District facilities are utilized, including how a building’s layout and the configuration of its rooms can support various forms of student learning (both present and future); traffic flow inside buildings; and the safety and accessibility of District facilities.


Additionally, the study will assess the condition of each building, including foundations and exteriors, and of mechanical, electric and plumbing systems. Eppstein Uhen Architects will also work with the District to explore the potential to retro-commission facilities and systems to enhance their energy efficiency.


“Our infrastructure is a key part of our learning environment for students,” said Onsager. “The findings of this study will guide our long-term planning and decision-making process.”


The study began earlier this spring and will continue through the summer. It is tentatively scheduled to be complete in the fall and will first be reviewed by the District’s Facilities Committee before advancing to the Board of Education.


More information about the study will be posted on the school district website,


Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) is a leading and well-respected 110-year old firm specializing in the assessment and design of K-12 learning environments.  The firm has produced comprehensive facilities studies for numerous school districts in Dane County and throughout Wisconsin.  EUA also serves the workplace, healthcare, senior living, student housing, mixed-use, entertainment and science + technology markets.  For additional information, please visit the firm’s website at