Art Safari at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City

Examine actual art or experiment with creating your own.

Comics Lab

Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield comics, helps you make your own comic strip.

Crime Detection Drawing Game

Try your hand at identifying the criminal through visualization like the police sketch artists!

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Instruments, a listening library, educational games, and biographies about musicians.

Flickr Free Use Photos

Photos available for free use grouped for your convenience.

Image Ideas

Here are free images of WISCONSIN for educators and students to use in projects and class work!

Jungle Art

Create your own jungle picture online.

Make a Snowflake

Make a virtual snowflake -- design your own!

National Gallery of Art for Kids

Try out the interactive art projects for kids!

Snowflakes online

Make a snowflake and watch them fall

Wisconsin Folks

Arts and Crafts of Wisconsin