Stoughton Area School District
Swimming Pool Hourly Rental Fees


If you are interested in a rental, you must file a facility request, see the left side of your screen!


First 2 Each Additional First 2 Each Additional    





Staffing Requirements

Group Size






1 to 30






2 lifeguards/cashier

31 to 50






3 lifeguards/cashier

51 to 75






4 lifeguards/cashier

76 to 100






5 lifeguards/cashier

101 to 125






6 lifeguards/cashier



Resident rental fee add $8.50 per hour per lifeguard for each 25 patrons beyond 125 to 237;

Non-resident rental add $10.50 per hour per lifeguard for each 25 patrons beyond 125 to 237.

Resident fee is charged for residents of the Stoughton Area School District when the group renting the facility is comprised predominately of district residents and the party reserving the facility is a district resident (physically residing in the district). A non-resident fee is charged to all groups or organizations not meeting the resident requirements. * A two-hour minimum rental is required.

Custodial Fees

Organizations or individuals may not use district facilities without having a custodian on duty. When regularly scheduled custodial services are not available, a charge for the actual costs of custodial services will be made for all building users. Any overtime or additional costs incurred by the district, as a result of the agreement will be billed to the renter. The facility coordinator will provide a reasonable estimate of the anticipated additional costs at the time of the reservation.

Use of Timing System

  • Organizations or individuals may use the district’s timing system in one of two ways: If your organization has trained individuals with Hy-Tek Meet Manager experience you will pay a flat fee to use the system of $40.00 per day. Individuals will need the approval of the Aquatics Program Director.
  • Organizations without trained operators will be charges $20 per hour for use of the timing equipment which includes an operator to run the system.


Organizations or individual(s) using the swimming pool, may have their fees prorated based on space used. The prorating must ensure the district recovers all costs associated with the use.

Policies Regarding Use of the Swimming Pool

1.The Aquatics Program Director must approve all activities and equipment used in the swimming pool area.

2.The Stoughton Area School District has the right to refuse any organization the use of the swimming pool.

3.The swimming pool is operated by the Stoughton Area School District. When scheduling events, priority will be given to school activities and school-affiliated groups.

4.Absolutely no food or drink is allowed inside the pool area.

5.The user organization is responsible for the conduct of all persons (including audience members) associated with the event.

6.The Stoughton Area School District will provide a clean and unobstructed area for the event. It shall be the responsibility of the renting organization to maintain and restore the area to its original condition.

7.The renting organization shall not post signs or affix banners to the building without the prior consent of the Aquatics Program Director.

8.The Aquatics Program Director shall approve any tables or displays placed in the lobbies.

9. The Stoughton Area School District, and/or any agent or employee, shall not be liable for damages to or loss of property belonging to, or in the care of, the user organization.

For a full copy of this information please print the pdf provided below.

Rental Information PDF